What is the Jamii Project? 

The Jamii Project originated in the heart of Hassan Mosoka, who came to America from Tanzania to earn his master’s degree.  His goal has always been to use the knowledge and connections gained in America to return home and improve the lives of his people.  Shortly after arriving in America, Hassan teamed up with some of his fellow Bluffton University students, and together they launched Jamii Project, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization.  The immediate goal of the Jamii Project is to build a medical clinic in Hassan’s village of Miseke.

What does “Jamii” mean?

Jamii is a Swahili word that roughly means “group, community, and unity.”  The Jamii Project is all about uniting American and Tanzanian communities to make a difference.

The Clinic

Here is a picture of the proposed clinic floor plan.



Click HERE for a larger version of the floor plan.